- The complete skill set; putting, short game and ball striking
- Golf course management
- Player development planning
Golf is a highly complex game capable of fully challenging the body, mind, and soul of even the most talented players. However, Buff believes the game is best learned by understanding the relatively simple concepts of impact, swing plane, and body rotation. These same three critical elements can be applied to guide the development of players of all ages and abilities as they build and improve complete golfing skill sets including putting, short game, and ball striking. Buff utilizes state of the art technology to evaluate and communicate with his players, enabling them to clearly see and understand the movements necessary for the player to make the desired progress.
At the same time a player is developing the skills to play, he is learning how to use the skills to get around a golf course in the fewest number of strokes, commonly referred to as "golf course management". Buff believes that the player and teacher work best cooperatively with the teacher helping the player learn to evaluate results during lessons, practice, playing and competing so as to deepen the players ability to assess risk/reward and refine playing strategy on the course.
The same ability to observe, evaluate and communicate helps Buff work with a player to layout an appropriate player development plan and program. Whether a player's long term goal is to play on the PGA tour, earn a college scholarship, make a school golf team, or to play a relaxing round with friends, improvements come most effectively when lessons, playing, practicing and competing are part of a plan with milestones and achievable goals.
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